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Date: 11 th March 2015
Press Release
Jayadeva Hospital conducts live transmission workshop to vitenam

Asia pacific Cardiac & structural intervention (CSI)-2015 conference was held at Ho Chin minh city, Vietnam from 5th to 7th March 2015. Around 600 Interventional cardiologists from all over the world attended this meeting. Under the leadership & guidance of Director & Prof. C.N.Manjunath, Eight patients underwent interventional procedures at Sri Jayadeva Institute of Cardiovascular sciences & Research, Bengaluru and transmitted live to the meeting at vietnam. All the procedures were done successfully & they included closure of congenital birth defects, valvotomies, (dilatation of valves) and some other rare procedures. These procedures were done non surgically by a team consisting of following cardiologists Prof. C.N.Manjunath, Dr. Jayaranganath, Dr. K.H.Srinivas, Dr. Nageshwar Rao, Dr. Edwin francis , Dr. B.C.Srinivas, Dr. Satish and Dr. Usha.

According to Prof. C.N.Manjunath – today nearly 50% of cardiac birth defects and other cardiac diseases are treated by non-surgical methods, which were earlier treated by open heart surgery. Out of 8 patients, 6 had heart holes; one had narrowed valve and other patient with narrowed artery. These heart holes were closed using umbrella devices and valvuloplasty was done for remaining cases.

This is one of the many live workshops conducted at Sri Jayadeva Institute of cardiovascular sciences and Research and transmitted to other parts of the world in last 5-6 years. The International cardiology community has identified our Institute as a centre of excellence, requesting the Institute to do the procedures on a regular basis, because of expertise of the Institute doctors, said by Prof. C.N.Manjunath

This kind of workshops is helping our country to exchange scientific ideas and to keep up dating the newer techniques. The delegates who attended the meeting gave positive feedback regarding our Institute & they are expecting similar live transmission in the future also.


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