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The Hospital Infection Prevention week was held at Sri Jayadeva Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences and Research in collaboration with Johnson and Johnson Ltd., 

Many patients who are coming to hospital are themselves are suffering from various infections.  There is always a risk of transfer of infections to some other patients, doctors, nurses, para-medical staffs and in turn the hospital staff can also transfer infections to the patients.  The hospital acquired infections accounts for nearly 10-20% of all infections.  The bacteria causing infections are resistant to antibiotics.  By minimizing  or by preventing  hospital infection, the patients undergoing operations will have a good recovery and the magnitude of death rate can be substantially reduced.   The antibiotic usage can be reduced so also hospital stay and cost.

During this Infection prevention week, the lectures / demonstrations and scientific papers were presented and an awareness was created among the Nurses, Technicians, House-keeping, Group D workers for better up keeping of ICCU’s, Wards, and Operation Theaters, thereby minimizing the infection.

Dr. C N Manjunath, Director of Sri Jayadeva Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences and Research said “Prevention is the best way of controlling the infections and reducing the need for antibiotics, not only drugs are expensive but are harmful to body.  He distributed awards to In-charge Staff Nurses for Best maintained Wards, ICU’s and Operation Theater etc.  This will motivate and inspire staff nurses to maintain highest hygienic standards.

Proper hand washing by health workers alone can reduce the infections by 50% which is such a simple thing that could be easily practiced.  Disinfection and sterilization of Hospital environment shall further reduce the infection and related deaths, he stressed.

Director, SJICR


Dr. C.N. Manjunath MD.,DM
We are working on a Novel Slogan “ Every needy patient shall be given quality treatment irrespective of financial affordability “
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