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African Patient Lisungu katendula with Dr. Seetharam Bhat, C.T.V.Surgeon

AFRICAN National Undergoes Open Heart Surgery

Ms. Lisungu Katendula 30 years old lady from Malawi, an African Nation was diagnosed only recently in her country that she had a mitral valve disease which requires a replacement. As her mother underwent Mitral Valve Surgery in Bangalore couple of years back, she decided to have her surgery in Bangalore; her main symptoms were cough, breathing difficulties and tiredness.

Dr. C.N.Manjunath, Director SJICR conducted thorough examination of this patient, Echocardiogram showed critically narrowed mitral valve with calcification, normally we conduct Balloon Valvotomy for this type of Valvular disease, since valve was hard, she was recommended for vlave replacement surgery. She was immediately taken up for Valve replacement surgery by Dr. P.S.Seetharama Bhat, Cardiothoracic Surgeon and his team. Her valve was replaced with newly available Bioprosthetic tissue valve. The advantage of tissue valve is that it does not require anticoagulation medicines and frequent blood test for rest of life; this is an ideal choice for child bearing age group. This bioprosthetic valve is expected to last for 20 years and she can safely go through pregnancy, and child birth without any problem, since it is a tissue valve there is no need for anticoagulation drugs. She made a prompt recovery and flew back.


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