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Date: 28th March 2011



Today the New facilities in the form of New Operation Theatre Complex, Food Court, Dining Lounge and Dental Clinic are added to the Institute and officially inaugurated by Sri. S A Ramdas, Hon’ble Minister for Medical Education, Government of Karnataka.

This new Operation Theatre Complex has 3 Operation Theatres and 2 will be utilized for Open Heart Surgeries and one will be dedicated for Vascular Surgery. With this, the total strength of Operation Theatres at Jayadeva Institute will be seven (7).

According to Dr. C.N. Manjunath, Director of the Institute, presently 10-12 Open Heart Surgeries are conducted daily. By addition of 3 more Operation theatres, we shall be doing 16 Open Heart Surgeries a day. This New Operation Theatre Complex is established at a cost of Rs. 5.00 Crores. Since there is a growing demand and need for more number of open heart surgeries, this decision was taken to fulfill the needs of the needy patients.

This complex also houses Tissue Valve Bank and Heart Transplantation Unit. The concept of establishing Tissue Valve Bank is that where we are going to harvest valves from the Cadavers available at Victoria Hospital. We store and process the harvested valves at the valve bank and after processing them, they will be utilized for patients requiring valve replacement procedures. At present we are using artificial valves for Valve Replacement Surgery which is not only expensive but also requires Blood thinning medicines. By using these harvested valves, we can reduce the cost of the valve, at the same time the need for blood thinning medicine is also significantly reduced, necessary license is already obtained for organ transplantation

The Dental Clinic is also established but many might think that why there should be a Dental Clinic in a Heart Institute. According to Dr. C.N. Manjunath there is a significant relationship between oral dental care and heart disease. Before Open Heart Surgery, particularly for Valve Replacement Surgeries, it is mandatory to have a dental check up because if there is any dental infection like caries, tooth decay or bad oral hygiene, there is always a possibility of infection of the heart valves, which is called Endocarditis.

It is very difficult to treat and cure and also it requires lot of antibiotics which increases the cost, hospital stay and at the same time the outcome of the surgery will not be good. Till now we are sending our patients with valvular heart disease for dental check up to various dental hospital. So by establishing this Dental Clinic at our own Institute, heart patients with dental problem can have a necessary check up and treatment under the same roof. Dr C.N.Manjunath, Director also thanked the Oxford Dental Institutions and the Chief Executive Officer, Sri. S.N.V.L. Narasimharaju for establishing the State of art Dental Clinic free of cost for Jayadeva Institute and providing necessary manpower.

Food court with a capacity of 250 seating arrangement will provide a quality and hygienic food at an affordable cost both to the inpatient and out patients as well as patient attenders. It has an excellent ambience, Star Culture and being guided by the dieticians.

In the year 2010, we have recorded 250% overall growth. We have performed 17500 Cathlab Procedures which includes 10,000 Angiograms and 3200 Angioplasties which is highest in the Country. 1600 Balloon Mitral Valvuloplasties were conducted which is highest in the World. In addition, 2,600 Bypass and Valve Replacement Surgeries were done.

Recently we have successfully conducted various Complex Open heart surgeries (Arterial switch surgery) on Pakistani, Indonesia, Bangladesh & England patients.

Institute is running the country’s biggest Post Graduation Courses in DM Cardiology with an annual in take of 21 seats and 12 seats in M.Ch Cardiothoracic Surgery and for the first time they have started Cardiac Anesthesia course with 8 seats.

Sri. B N Vijayakumar, MLA Jayanagar Constituency presided the function. Sri. I M Vittalamurthy, I.A.S. Principal Secretary, Medical Education, Sri. Munisanjeevaiah, Corporator, Sri. S.N.V.L.Narasimharaju, Executive Director, Oxford Institutions and Sri. A C Shadakshari, Trustee of Sri Jayadeva Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences and Research were Guests of Honor on this occasion.

Professor & HOD of Cardiology

Director, SJIC.

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