Ref. No: SJICR/PER/147 /2014-15

Five Indonesian Children underwent successful Heart Surgeries at Jayadeva Institute. All these children were suffering from Complex Congenital Heart Disease. Initially they were seen by doctors at Indonesia and Malayasian Hospitals but they were reluctant to conduct these surgeries due to complexity and risk involved in these cases.

Two months back, their parents contacted the local Rotarian at Indonesia for financial help. Rotary International District, Indonesia with a goodwill programme of Rotary International District 3190, Bangalore under the dynamic leadership of Rotarian Mr. O.P.Khanna have decided to help these children for getting operated at Bangalore. They have sent all the reports to our Institute by a Mail asking for a opinion to get operated here.

We at our Institute decided to call them during the month of August. Accordingly they were admitted on 16th August 2014.

These children were Baby girl Kimberlay Tan (2 years) / Baby girl Feishya Huangladys (4 years) / Master Memori Restu Imamwaruwu (5 Years) / Master James William Setia (6 Years) & Baby girl Keira Aurelia Sitepu (7 years) underwent Surgeries successfully.

These five children are basically from Medan City of Uttara Sumatra Province in Indonesia. They are poor agricultural labourers in rubber plantations with constrained financial resources. Heart Surgeries in Indonesia / Malaysia is very expensive.

Master James and Baby Kimberly Tan were blue babies (TOF and TAPVC). Baby Fieshya had Complex problem with Complete AV Canal Defect with leaking valves. Baby Keira had a hole in heart with a closing valve & Master Memori had a closing valve.

The Team of Doctors headed by Dr. P S Seetharama Bhat, Professor of C.T.Surgery, Dr. Jayaranganath, Professor of Paediatric Cardiology & Dr. A.M.Jagadeesh, HOD, Anaesthesiology along with other Associate Doctors have successfully conducted these heart surgeries.

According to Dr. C N Manjunath, Director - out of every 1000 babies born over the world, 3-5 will have these complex congenital diseases more commonly in the form of Tetralogy of Fallot, Heart Holes or narrowing of the valves. The usual symptoms of heart holes are fever, recurrent cough, common cold, Pneumonia, growth retardation and bluish discolouration of skin and nails and poor weight gain. We have conducted these procedures at subsidized cost.

All the children had an uneventful recovery and their parents and Indonesian Rotary Members are also very much impressed with the facilities, hospitality and the concern of the hospital staff and quality treatment at affordable cost. All of them have recovered well and flying back home shortly.





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